At the end of this quarter we had the opportunity to work with one of the oldest, and most reputable department store chains in North America by helping them raise awareness for their Father’s Day sale. The client wanted to utilize real-time bidding for the online display advertising portion of this campaign because they wanted to achieve more cost effective reach and frequency online.

  • deliver the creative to select consumers living in major north american markets and drive those consumers to the campaign’s landing page
  • achieve a ctr of .10
  • achieve 50,000,000 impressions

    While our consumer profiling and machine optimized real-time bidding technology were of course used during this campaign, we also utilized our topic detection system. This proprietary system allows us to scan the content of a page in real time and to determine what the content of that page is talking about. If a page is found to be a relevant match for our campaign, and the consumer on that page is a fit as well, we go out of our way to own that space for the advertiser. We knew this would drive the most targeted traffic to our client’s landing page.


    • delivered clicks = 47,897
    • delivered impressions = 51,413,867
    • campaign ctr = .09

    Aside from strong overall numbers, we saw obvious signs of optimization throughout the campaign, as both cpc and ctr values showed signs of strong improvement as the campaign aged.

    The graphic below highlights our cpc declining 42% during the campaign.

    The graphic below highlights how our ctr grew by 300% during the campaign.

    At the end of the campaign we were able to secure further business with the client as a result of the success we showed.